Patrimonial taxation and Philanthropy

Wealth structuring, optimization of flows between shareholders and their companies, taxation of trusts, foundations and other structures, reorganization of assets (transformations and holding structures), creation of foundations and philanthropic structures.

Patrimonial taxation and Philanthropy

Families with a diversified heritage are confronted, throughout the year, with tax issues. Thanks to our experience and a large network of specialists, we are able to assist these families in all matters relating to the taxation of their wealth, including those related to the structuring of philanthropic activities. 

The system of lump-sum taxation is based on the law and is one of the tax solutions that we are particularly well versed in. Whether you are an EU citizen or a citizen of a third country, we can advise you on how to obtain a tax ruling.

Taxation of Trusts and Foundations

Whether for estate planning or to protect assets, trusts and foundations are recognized and effective institutions when they are used wisely. Our experience ensures that we can assist you in drafting the founding deeds, in collaboration with other jurisdictions, as well as in planning their tax treatment and that of their beneficiaries. We can also, when necessary, request a tax ruling.

Management of the flow of funds between the group and its shareholders

The shareholder-group relationship is essential and deserves special planning. It encompasses taxation, but also long-term structuring in the spirit of the shareholder family. We have developed specific expertise in assisting entrepreneurial families, whether it involves planning for profit returns, the transmission of a group from one generation to the next, or the sale of the group.

Setting up inheritance structures

Every 30-40 years a generation passes and our role is to anticipate this moment early enough so that it does not lead to adverse tax consequences.

Taxation of sportsmen and artists

Their activity and frequent trips require dedicated planning, which we are able to provide.

Negotiation of tax rulings

When a case requires it, we recommend obtaining confirmation of the tax treatment of a transaction, regardless of the canton concerned in Switzerland. The respect we have shown for our interlocutors over the years ensures a relationship of trust in our dealings with the cantonal and federal tax authorities.