Corporate Taxation

Taxation of legal entities, group structuring and restructurings (mergers, transfer of functions, etc.), transfer of headquarters in and outside of Switzerland, structuring of transfer pricing, VAT planning, tax rulings and tax litigation.

Corporate Taxation

The current tax environment is changing, particularly for companies, which must regularly analyze their transactions, structure and activities in order to adapt to the tax constraints posed by increasingly creative and demanding governments. 

Optimization of corporate taxation

We assist companies in the annual management of their tax affairs in order to advantageously apply the solutions and tools proposed by the legislation, and to ensure tax security within the group, with the lowest and most constant effective tax rate possible, avoiding difficulties linked to audits. 

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our work consists of anticipating all the tax consequences of a transaction, by collaborating with the management of companies in structuring the transactions, presenting them beforehand to the tax authorities and obtaining tax rulings to ensure total security. 

Restructuring of groups of companies

Group reorganizations can often be done in a tax neutral manner, but the pitfalls are still numerous, especially when it comes to special taxes such as, for example, those related to real estate, VAT or stamp duty. Our role is to define for you the best way to ensure complete or as little tax neutrality as possible, most often by means of a tax ruling. 

Support in transfer pricing matters

Transfer prices for transactions between group companies are being reviewed more and more rigorously by the tax authorities. The evolution of the rules is contributing to a better documentation of these transactions. We regularly support experts in charge of issuing these transfer pricing studies so that they meet the requirements of tax practice.


Our experience enables us, from the very beginning of a project, to structure an investment or activity correctly, so that it can be as sustainable as possible and, above all, so that it meets the needs of the operation or group.

Expatriation and Impatriation of companies

Arrival in Switzerland often offers opportunities for planning, which we offer to the fullest extent permitted by law and practice. As for departures, they can raise delicate issues related to the transfer of valuables outside Switzerland.

VAT (advice and dispute resolution)

Almost every transaction raises VAT issues. We assist entrepreneurs in anticipating these issues and possibly settling statements of facts that have occurred in the past (negotiation with the authorities or settlement of disputes).

Negotiation of tax rulings

Our DNA as tax advisors is strongly linked to working out solutions, which we take care of having validated by the tax authorities. This process practiced in Switzerland is a considerable asset for companies, as it allows to secure tax operations through confirmations or “rulings”. 

Tax Litigation

When it is not possible to avoid a tax dispute, we are perfectly able to conduct a lawsuit all the way to the highest court in Switzerland. Indeed, the strategy in the conduct of the lawsuit, as well as its actual management, are an integral part of our work. 

Tax Returns

Our team also offers you the possibility of preparing your tax returns throughout Switzerland.