Publication of data in the auto-index

According to art. 89g al. 5 LCR (Road traffic act), the cantons are allowed to publish the names and addresses of the individual holding a vehicle (car, motorcycles, etc).

As of April 4th, 2022, the Canton of Vaud will enable to publicly consult the register of vehicle holders through a web access, unless the vehicle holder has made an opposition to the public consultation.

Such opposition if free of charges and does not requires any condition. It shall be made using the “Request for non-publication of data in the auto-index” to be filled in and returned to the Service des automobiles et de la navigation, Av. du Grey 110, 1014 Lausanne or  

Request for non-publication of data in the auto-index might be downloaded here.

Please note that communication might still occur in specific cases upon written and motivated request. This is the case i.e. if a competent authority requests communication as part of an administrative or criminal proceeding or if the is sufficient interest for example in the case of an accident.